5 Best Air Cooler Under 10k in India 2020

Though air conditioners have became common, air coolers are still loved by many households across the country. And truly, people prefer this cooling appliance for its affordable price, low operational cost, environment friendly approach and long-lasting performance. So, if you had made-up your mind to shop for an air cooler this summer and selecting the right one seems to be a confusing task, this post will surely help you decide what suits your need. First understand what sorts of air coolers are available within the market and which one suits your requirements.

Desert Coolers

Intended for bigger areas, Ddsert Coolers are the larger air coolers with the water storage capacity of about 40 to 60 liters. These air coolers are suitable to use outdoors also. In dry weather desert coolers provides energy and cooling efficient performance. Since they are embedded with large blade fans, powerful pumps and big tanks, they work efficiently even for long operational hours. These coolers accompany sturdy castor wheels for easy movement, shifting them from one place to a another won’t be painful task. These air coolers are apt for halls, restaurants, banquet halls, big offices, prayer houses and such other places.

Personal Coolers

Personal Coolers are comparatively small, compact and portable units which will be placed near your bed, sofa or board . With a 20 to 40 liters tank capacity , these air coolers features blower meant for better air throw indoor and small spaces . the private coolers also accompany castor wheels which permit easy movability. consistent with the need , you’ll shift them from bedroom to dining room or other areas without much ado. As compared to the desert coolers, they consume less power and makes low noise. These are essentially meant to cool down smaller areas or spaces , be it a bedroom, living room and other such places.

Tower Coolers

If you’ve got space crunch, Tower Coolers are the simplest bet to enjoy superior air-delivery while adding to the aesthetics of any space. This slimmer and sleek version of air coolers is suitable to suit in small areas, while occupying minor floor space. they need a cistern capacity of 20 to 40 liters, and may be easily used for long operational hours. The tower air coolers require less maintenance and are easy to wash, within the presence of castor wheels, they will be easily moved from one place to a different . plus their evaporative cooling feature is apt for small ad mediaum sized areas.

Window Coolers

As the name suggests, Window Coolers are those that are installed during a window. These are quite almost like window AC; they don’t occupy much room space given to their installation. If you don’t want to urge them placed during a window, you’ll make them portable via trolleys which are available separately. With cistern capacity of up to 50 liters, the window coolers are energy efficient and use just 1/10 of the energy employed by an AC. These are suitable for indoors, be it small offices, kids room or personal spaces.

There are some reputed electrical products brands like Crompton, Symphony, Usha, Hindware, Bajaj etc, that offers a good range of Desert, Personal and Window Air Coolers. Loaded with useful features like remote , completely collapsible louvers, ice chamber, cord winding station, castors with brakes, humidity control and far more, these air coolers accompany latest Technology which ensures cleaner, healthier and breathable air. Experience amazing air delivery while saving on energy with range of air coolers!

After doing research for some days we have curated a list of best air coolers by comparing over 50 models from reputed brands. Check and decide the one that suits your requirement.

List of Best Air Coolers

Crompton Ozone 75

Crompton optimus 65l/100l

Hindware Snowcrest 85L

Maharaja whiteline Atlanto

USHA Air King 50L/70L


With the evolving technology, the air-coolers are made compact in size yet powerful in their performance. Following the brief description about differing types of air coolers, you would possibly be during a better position to settle on the proper one consistent with your requirements.