Best Electric Scooters in India in 2020

The push for electric vehicles for the masses was primarily initiated by Elon Musk with Tesla in The United States of America. A few years later, slowly but surely, electric vehicles have started to emerge in the Indian market as well in the form of electric scooter and cars.

2020 appears to be the year when an average customer can purchase an electric vehicle which can genuinely compete with vehicles running on conventional fuel. Various manufacturers, both Indian and foreign, are scheduled to launch there electric vehicles through out 2020. Here, we are going to take a look at the best available/upcoming electric scooters in India in 2020.

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Note: All prices mentioned here can vary slightly as they depend on various factors which are out of our control.

Blacksmith B3

The Blacksmith B3 is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, electric scooter in the Indian market. It is safe to say that this scooter is not the slimmest, which is what we have come to expect from electric scooters. But Blacksmith has gone with this option for good reasons.

It has a peak power rating of 14.5 kW which is unheard of in the electric scooter sector. It also has continuous power rating of 5 kW, which is more than few other scooter’s peak power rating. These high numbers also help it achieve a top speed of 120km/h and load capacity of 200kg. It also has a gradability of 25 degrees which is the best any scooter can achieve on this list. The Blacksmith B3 can go from 0-50 km/h in 3.6 seconds.

Blacksmith B3 electric scooter
credit : blacksmith

The B3 also has the feature to electronically limit the maximum speed which will help the users in following traffic rules and regulations. The available options are 60/80/100/120 km/h.

One of the most important feature to be present in an electric scooter is swappable batteries. And this scooter comes with it, which is a huge bonus for the customer. Other features include inbuilt GPS for turn-by-turn navigation, digital speedometer.

Motor Power RatingPeak Power : 14.5kW
Continuous Power : 5kW
Maximum Range120km/charge
Top Speed120 km/h
Full Charge Time 4 hours
Gradability25 degrees
Maximum Load Capacity200kg
Ground Clearance210mm
Battery Swap TechnologyYes
PriceNot Announced

To improve the safety of the scooter, it has a side stand and occupant sensor along with kid seat belt. Adjustable back rest for the pillion is also present for safety and comfort of the pillion rider.

This electric scooter is expected to be launched in 2020 although there is no fixed date as of yet. So, keep your eyes open for it’s launch date and price if you are looking for a powerhouse electric scooter.

Ather 450X

Ather is a well known brand in the electric scooter sector in India. Ather started as a start-up and have gradually become one of the most trusted brands. They offer slim, sleek electric scooters which are heavy on the spec sheet as well. The Ather 450X is no exception.

The Ather 450X has a peak motor power of 6kW and continuous motor power of 3.3 kW. It comes with a 2.9kWh Lithium-ion battery. With a top speed of 80km/h, the 450X can go from 0-40 km/h in 3.3 seconds. Furthermore, it has the reverse mode which allows users to reverse their scooter to get out of tight situations. It also has a rated gradability of 20 degrees.

electric scooter Ather 450X
credit : ather

Ather claims to get a full charge in 5 hours 45 minutes in a standard 5A home charging and 0-80% in 3 hours 35 minutes. Ather also claims a fast charging rate of 1.5km/min which is quite impressive.

Ather 450X has 4 riding modes : Warp-Sport-Ride-Eco. Different riding modes are present to provide different acceleration and range depending on the requirement. The acceleration decreases from Warp to Eco but this decrease in acceleration is compensated by increase in range. Warp mode provides the best acceleration and Eco mode provides the maximum range of 85km/charge.

Motor Power RatingPeak Power : 6kW
Continuous Power : 3.3kW
Maximum Range85km/charge
Top Speed80km/h
Full Charge Time5 hours 45 minutes
Gradability20 degrees
Maximum Load CapacityNot Available
Ground ClearanceNot Available
Battery Swap TechnologyNo
Price Rs. 1,59,000

The Ather 450X is also packed with new and improved features. It comes with Snapdragon 212 Quadcore 1.3GHz SOC with 1GB RAM, 8GB onboard storage and Android Open Source OS. It has a 7″ capacitive LCD touchscreen, onboard GPS for turn-by-turn navigation, 4G connectivity, Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0. It also has a smart app which allows users to access ride stats, live location, theft/tow detection, music control, call control and more.

It is has a IP67 rating. Ather also provides a 3 year battery warranty. The color options are White/Grey/Green.

The Ather 450X has a price of Rs. 1,59,000 and is up for pre-order. Deliveries will start in the third quarter of 2020. You can pre-order your scooter by visiting the link below.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter

Almost all of us familiar with the iconic Bajaj Chetak of the past. It was the primary personal vehicle of households before the days of modern bikes and cars. In a bid to capitalize on that name, Bajaj has launched the Chetak electric scooter.

Chetak has a peak power rating of 4.08kW although no official continuous power rating is available. It has a 3kW Lithium-ion IP67 water resistant battery. It has a top speed of 60km/h which is decent but a bit low when compared to other scooters on the list. It has regenerative braking which helps recharge the battery while braking and increases the efficiency of the scooter.

Bajaj Chetak electric scooter
credit : bajaj

It can full charge in 5 hours. Bajaj also claims that the Chetak can drive for 25km in 1 hour of charging and it can charge to 80% in 3 and half hours.

The Bajaj Chetak has two riding modes : Eco and Sport. It can get to the maximum range of 95km/charge in Eco mode although at the cost of a slightly lower acceleration. In the sport mode, it can get a range of up-to 85km/charge.

Motor Power RatingPeak Power : 4.08kW
Continuous Power : Not Available
Maximum Range95km/charge
Top Speed60km/h
Full Charge Time5 hours
GradabilityNot Available
Load CapacityNot Available
Ground ClearanceNot Available
Battery Swap TechnologyNo
PriceUrbane : Rs. 1,00,000
Premium : Rs. 1,15,000

Bajaj provides 3 year or 50,000km warranty on Chetak including the battery. Chetak has various smart features, which we have come to expect from other manufacturers. It notifies when the scooter is tampered with. The user can also monitor live location, remaining battery and more.

There are also many colors that the customer can choose from. The Urbane variant comes in two colors and the Premium variant comes in four different colors.

The Bajaj Chetak comes in two variants : Urbane and Premium. The Premium variant is costlier by around Rs. 15,000 than the Urbane variant. Urbane variant has a price of Rs. 1 lakh and Premium has a price of Rs. 1.15 lakh. The only major difference between the two models seems to be front brake where Urbane has drum front brake and Premium has disc front brake.

Ampere Zeal

This is another electric scooter which has grabbed a lot of attention in the industry. It was launched in May 2019 but still remains to be one of the better option out there. This is mainly due to the competitive price point at which the Zeal is offered. We will get into the price of it later, let us first go through the specs and features of the Zeal.

It has a peak power rating of 1.2kW, which when compared to other scooters is among the lowest. It comes with a 60V/30Ah Advanced Lithium-ion battery. Although it’s motor is on the weaker side, it still provides quite a decent performance mainly due to it’s reduced kerb weight of 75Kg. This helps the Zeal achieve a top speed of 55km/h and a maximum range of 70-75km/charge. It can also get from 0-50km/h in 6 seconds.

electric scooter Ampere Zeal
credit : ampere

It can full charge in 6 hours. It has also got regenerative brake which slightly increases the efficiency and the maximum range. It has 3 years warranty (on battery, motor, controller, charger, DC to DC Converter) or 20,000km whichever comes first. It also has battery swapping technology which is major positive point in favor of the Zeal.

Motor Power RatingPeak Power : 1.2kW
Continuous Power : Not Available
Maximum Range70-75 km/charge
Top Speed55km/h
Full Charge Time6 hours
GradabilityNot Available
Maximum Load Capacity130Kg
Ground ClearanceNot Available
Battery Swap TechnologyYes
PriceRs. 70,000

The Zeal comes in four colors : Cherry Red/Pearl White/Ocean Blue/Black.

The Zeal is available at a price point of around Rs. 70,000 which helps it justify the lack of features and still makes it an option even after almost a year of launch.

Epluto 7G

This is an electric scooter from the IIT Hyderabad start-up Pure EV. It is being manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility inside the IIT campus. One of it’s most compelling attribute is it’s competitive price point, which we will get into later in this section. Let us ge through what this scooter has to offer.

It has peak motor power of 2kW and continuous power rating of 1.5kW. It comes with a 2500Wh battery. It has a IP65 rating which means it is protected against low pressure water jets from various directions. The water protection could have been better given the monsoon season in India. It has a decent top speed of 60km/h and gradability of 12 degrees. It can also go from 0-40km/h in 5 seconds.

Epluto 7g electric scooter
credit : Pureev

It can full charge in about 4 hours and has a maximum range of 90-120km/charge. It has front disk brake and rear drum brake. It also has regenerative braking system. It also has anti-theft provision with smart lock.

Motor Power RatingPeak Power : 2kW
Continuous Power : 1.5kW
Maximum Range90-120km/charge
Top Speed60km/h
Full Charge Time4 hours
Gradability12 degrees
Maximum Load CapacityNot Available
Ground ClearanceNot Available
Battery Swap TechnologyNo
PriceRs. 79,999

The Epluto 7G is available in two colors : White/Red and a third Blue color coming soon. It also comes with 40,000km warranty on the battery.

Epluto 7G has a price of around Rs. 79,999 which, similar to the Ampere Zeal, helps justify is lack of features that other manufacturers offer. But apart from those smart features, the Epluto 7G provides a decent performance and hasn’t disappointed on its claims.

Okinawa iPraise+

The Okinawa iPraise+ is an electric scooter which offers almost everything that is there to offer in the current stage of electric scooter development. It is updated version of the Okinawa iPraise with added Lithium-ion battery instead of lead-acid battery and new added features.

It has a peak motor power of 2.5kW and a continuous motor power of 1kW. It has a 3.3kWh detachable battery, which makes battery swapping possible which is a huge bonus. It has a top speed of 70km/h which is quite decent. It has a maximum load capacity of 150kg and gradability of 15 degrees.

iPraise electric scooter
credit : okinawa

It can full charge in around 3-4 hours and has a maximum range of 160km/charge. It also has Electronic- Assisted Braking System (E-ABS) and regenerative braking system.

The iPraise+ comes in three riding modes : Economy/Speed/Turbo. The economy mode provides a speed of 30-35 km/h and a maximum range of 160km/charge. Speed mode provides a speed of 50-60km/h and the Turbo mode provides a speed of 60-70km/h but reduced maximum range.

Motor Power RatingPeak Power : 2.5kW
Continuous Power : 1kW
Maximum Range160km/charge
Top Speed70km/h
Full Charge Time4 hours
Gradability15 degrees
Maximum Load Capacity150kg
Ground Clearance175mm
Battery Swap TechnologyYes
PriceRs. 1,09,000

The iPraise+ is packed with features and it’s termed “The Intelligent Scooter” by the manufacturer. It has Okinawa Eco App with features such as central locking with anti-theft alarm, find my scooter, USB port for charging, Geo-fencing, secure parking, Tracking & Monitoring, Maintenance/Insurance reminder, Battery Info, Speed Alerts, Driver score and more.

It comes in three colors : Glossy Red Black/Glossy Silver Black/Glossy Golden Black. Okinawa also provides 3 years warranty or 20,000km whichever is earlier on both motor and battery. It has an ex-showroom price of around Rs. 1,09,000.

TVS iQube Electric Scooter

TVS has been known brand in the two-wheeler industry in India for years now. With the iQube, TVS has entered the electric two-wheeler industry with a scooter which has it all, almost. Let us find out what all it has to offer.

The iQube has peak motor power of 4.4kW. It has three lithium-ion batteries with a collective power rating of 2.25kWh. With a top speed of 78km/h, the iQube can go from 0-40km/h in 4.2 seconds. It has a gradability of 10 degrees.

iQube electric scooter
credit : TVS

The iQube can fully charge in 5 hours. TVS claims that an hour of charging can provide 15-20km of range which is not shabby. It also has regenerative braking which slightly increases range and efficiency of the scooter. Along with that, it has a maximum range of 75km/charge. It is also IP67 rated which provides adequate protection from water which comes very handy in the monsoon season.

Motor Power RatingPeak Power : 4.4kW
Continuous Power : Not Available
Maximum Range75km/charge
Top Speed78km/h
Full Charge Time5 hours
Gradability10 degrees
Maximum Load CapacityNot Available
Ground Clearance150mm
Battery Swap TechnologyNo
PriceRs. 1,15,000

TVS has developed the SmartXonnect and along with the TVS iQube App, they provide various smart features such as navigation assist for turn-by-turn navigation, remote charge status, Geofencing, incoming call alerts, samrt statistics and more. The iQube also has a USB port for charging.

The iQube has a price of around Rs. 1,15,000 and is currently available only in Bangalore.

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We have gone through a number of electric scooters which are both available and upcoming in the year 2020. We analyzed each one of them thoroughly in various aspects and compared their features, performance and price. After extensive brainstorming, we have come up with this list of the best electric scooters in India. Maximum effort has been put in to provide accurate, useful and complete information to the reader.

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