Chainsaw Man All Characters Death Explained

Chainsaw Man has quickly become one of the most popular manga in recent years. The series follows Denji, a young man who is given the power of a chainsaw demon by a mysterious organization. The series is full of intense action, graphic violence, and unexpected twists and turns. It’s no surprise that fans are left talking about the series and its characters long after they’ve finished reading it. In this blog post, we will take a look at all of the characters who died in Chainsaw Man, as well as how their deaths have helped shape the story thus far. Read on to find out which characters met their end and what their deaths meant for the story!

Who dies in Chainsaw Man

As the title of the blog article suggests, all characters in Chainsaw Man die at some point. However, there are some that die more gruesomely than others.

The first to die is Makima, who is killed by a chainsaw-wielding maniac. Her death is relatively quick and painless in comparison to the other deaths in the series.

One of the most gruesome deaths occurs when Denji’s friend, Pochita, is eaten alive by a demon. Her death is extremely painful and slow, leaving Denji traumatized.

Another character that dies a particularly brutal death is Power, who is ripped apart by demons. His death is described as being “slow and agonizing”.

The final character to die in Chainsaw Man is Kirisaki, who committed suicide rather than be killed by demons. Although her death was self-inflicted, it was still incredibly painful and gruesome.

All characters death explained

Chainsaw Man is a manga that follows the story of Denji, a young man who’s life is changed when he’s turned into a chainsaw demon. While trying to come to terms with his new form, Denji must also deal with the constant threat of death from both humans and demons alike.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at all of the deaths that have occured in Chainsaw Man thus far. We’ll be discussing the circumstances surrounding each death, as well as providing some insight into the characters that died.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man up to Chapter 66.

The first death in Chainsaw Man occurs shortly after Denji is turned into a chainsaw demon. In order to save his sister from being killed by a group of thugs, Denji cuts through them with his chainsaw, resulting in their deaths.

Although it was unintentional, this act of violence marks the beginning of Denji’s journey as Chainsaw Man. From here on out, Denji would go on to face many dangerous situations and would ultimately end up killing quite a few people and demons.

One of the most significant deaths in Chainsaw Man occurs when Denji kills Makima, the woman who created him into a chainsaw demon. After learning that Makima plans on using him as nothing more than a tool for bloodshed, Denji turns on her and decapitates her with his chainsaw.

How their deaths were caused

In Chainsaw Man, all of the deaths are caused by chainsaws. The main character, Pochita, is killed by a chainsaw when she tries to save her friend from being killed by one. Her death is gruesome, and it’s one of the most shocking moments in the series.

The other characters who die in Chainsaw Man are also killed by chainsaws. One character, Reiko, is even decapitated by a chainsaw. The deaths in Chainsaw Man are brutal and gory, but they’re also a huge part of what makes the series so unique and entertaining.

The impact of their deaths

The impact of chainsaw man’s deaths are still being felt by the characters. Pochita, for example, is constantly worried about dying and often has nightmares about it. Reiko is also struggling to cope with her husband’s death and is constantly being reminded of it by the sight of his bloodstained clothes. The other characters are also having a tough time dealing with the loss of their loved ones.

What could have been done to prevent their deaths

There are a few things that could have been done to prevent the deaths of the characters in Chainsaw Man.

First, Pochita could have been given a proper burial instead of being left to decompose in the basement.

Second, Reiko could have stopped using drugs and alcohol, which would have prevented her from accidentally setting herself on fire.

Third, Takashi could have taken better care of his chainsaw, which would have prevented it from breaking and slicing his arm off.

Finally, Ryoko could have listened to her husband and not gone into the basement, which would have prevented her from being killed by Pochita.

List Of Characters Who Die:

Chainsaw Man is a pretty dark manga, and as such, there are quite a few characters who meet gruesome ends. Here’s a list of all the major characters who die in the series:

-Pochita: One of the main protagonists, Pochita dies early on in the series in a battle with a demon. Her death is fairly graphic, as she’s decapitated by the demon’s chainsaw.

-Reiko: Another main protagonist, Reiko also dies early on in the series. She’s killed by another demon, this time being impaled through the chest. Again, her death is quite graphic.

-Devil May Cry: The titular character of the series, Devil May Cry dies midway through the story. He sacrifices himself to save his friends from a powerful demon. His death is relatively quick and not too graphic.

-Anna: One of Devil May Cry’s allies, Anna dies fighting alongside him against the same demon that eventually kills him. She’s engulfed in flames and burned alive. It’s a fairly quick and painful death.

-Denji: The final main protagonist of the series, Denji dies at the very end after finally defeating the BIG BAD Demon King. He gives his life to stop the King’s resurrection and save the world. His death is noble but also incredibly sad.


In Chainsaw Man, Himeno is a young woman who works as a maid at an apartment complex. She is in love with Tatsuya, one of the residents of the complex. When the chainsaw-wielding maniac known as The Devil shows up and starts killing people, Himeno is one of the first to die.

Himeno was a kind and gentle soul, always looking out for others. She was selfless to a fault, and her only goal in life was to make those around her happy. Even though she knew that Tatsuya didn’t reciprocate her feelings, she still went out of her way to help him whenever he needed it. In the end, her kindness cost her dearly; she died horribly at the hands of The Devil, never even having a chance to fight back.

Her death left those who knew her devastated. Tatsuya especially took it hard; Himeno had been like a sister to him, and her loss hit him harder than anyone could have anticipated. Even though she’s gone, Himeno continues to live on in the memories of those who loved her.


Reze is one of the main characters in Chainsaw Man. She is a young woman who is in love with Taro, another main character. However, she is also attracted to Chainsaw Man, the titular character. This creates a love triangle between the three characters.

Reze is a kind and caring person, but she can also be impulsive and reckless. She is always trying to help others, even if it means putting herself in danger. This often gets her into trouble, but she always manages to get out of it alive.

Reze dies in the final volume of Chainsaw Man, sacrificing herself to save Taro from a group of demons. Her death is devastating to both Taro and Chainsaw Man, who both loved her deeply.

Beam(Shark Devil)

Beam was one of the Shark Devils, a group of powerful devils that served as the personal guards of the leader of the Devil May Cry organization. He was killed by Chainsaw Man during a battle between the two groups.


Quanxi is a small town in southern China that is home to a group of illegal immigrants who have been living there for years. The town is ruled by a ruthless gangster named Mr. Tang who controls the local police and runs the town like his personal fiefdom. When a young woman named May Lin arrives in Quanxi, she quickly realizes that the town is not what it seems. May Lin is determined to escape from Quanxi and find her way back to her family. However, Mr. Tang will not let her leave without a fight.

Galgali(Violence Devil)

Galgali is a Violence Devil who first appears in Chapter 2 of Chainsaw Man. He is a small, black-clad figure with a large, round head. He carries a chainsaw which he uses to slice through his victims.

Galgali is a sadistic killer who takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others. He seems to have no regard for human life and will kill anyone who gets in his way. He is also shown to be very intelligent, as he was able to deduce that Pochita was not really a devil.

Galgali is eventually killed by Makima after she discovers his true nature.

Angel Devil

There are two Angel Devils in Chainsaw Man: the first is a young woman named Makima who is seeking revenge for the death of her family, and the second is an older woman named Reiko who was once a human before being turned into a powerful demon.

Makima is the more powerful of the two, as she is able to control multiple chainsaws and use them to devastating effect. She is also incredibly fast and agile, making her a difficult opponent for even the strongest of fighters. Her only weakness is her emotional state; when she is angry or upset, her powers increase tenfold, but she loses all rational thought and can be easily defeated.

Reiko, on the other hand, is a much more calculating fighter. She uses her chainsaws more defensively, using them to parry attacks and deflect enemy strikes. She also has access to powerful dark magic, which she uses sparingly but effectively. Her main weakness is her age; she is significantly slower than Makima and cannot keep up with her for extended periods of time.


Aki is a young woman who is first introduced as the girlfriend of Makima, the leader of the Devil Hunters. Aki is a kind and caring person, but she is also shown to be very independent and strong-willed. When Makima is possessed by a demon and goes on a rampage, Aki is the one who ultimately kills her in order to save everyone else.

Aki is later revealed to be a powerful Devilsmith, able to create powerful weapons from the souls of devils. She forge


When it comes to who dies in Chainsaw Man, there are quite a few characters that meet their end. However, the one who perhaps dies the most is Power.

Power is a chainsaw-wielding demon who is first introduced in the series as an antagonist. However, he later becomes one of the main protagonists after forming a contract with Denji.

Throughout the course of the series, Power dies multiple times. However, he always comes back to life thanks to his contract with Denji.

Despite his name, Power is not particularly powerful when compared to other demons. However, he more than makes up for it with his sheer tenacity and willingness to fight on even when things seem hopeless.

In the end, it is this fighting spirit that allows him to overcome all odds and emerge victorious against even the strongest of foes.


Makima is the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man. She is a demon who can take the form of a beautiful woman. She is responsible for the death of Taro’s family and the destruction of his village. She is also responsible for the death of chainsaw man’s previous owner, Pochita.

2 Characters Who Faced Death Situation But Didn’t Die

In the horror manga Chainsaw Man, death is a constant presence. The main character, Denji, is a demon hunter who sells his soul to a devil in order to gain the power to kill devils. This makes him a target for both devils and humans, and he often finds himself in situations where death seems certain. However, Denji has an uncanny ability to cheat death, and there are two characters in particular who have faced death head-on but somehow managed to survive.

The first is Pochita, Denji’s talking chainsaw companion. Pochita is always ready to sacrifice himself for Denji, and on more than one occasion he has been decapitated or otherwise killed in battle. However, thanks to his devilish powers, Pochita always comes back to life good as new.

The second character is Makima, the woman who trained Denji to be a demon hunter. Makima is a fierce fighter who often puts herself in danger in order to protect those she cares about. She has been stabbed, shot, and even blown up, but each time she has come back stronger than before.

So while death may be a frequent visitor in Chainsaw Man, it seems that for these two characters at least, it is not always permanent.


Kishibe is one of the main characters in Chainsaw Man. He is a devil hunter who uses his chainsaw to fight devils. He is also the love interest of Makima, another main character. Kishibe is killed by a powerful devil during the course of the story.


Kobeni is a young woman who was given the task of caring for her younger sister, Benio, after their mother died. When Kobeni was faced with the prospect of having to protect her sister from a deranged serial killer, she made the ultimate sacrifice and took her own life instead.


Chainsaw Man is a thrilling series that has left many readers wondering about the fate of its characters. In this article, we have outlined all the character deaths in Chainsaw Man and explained what happens to each one. We hope that this breakdown has been helpful for those looking to know more about who dies in Chainsaw Man so they can get an understanding of the story’s conclusion. With an ever increasing cast of characters, it’s no wonder why fans are eager to find out who makes it through alive!