Fixing Broken Nails : 5 Easy Hacks

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With all the things that are happening around the world right now, we can imagine how annoying it can be to get your nail broken out of nowhere! But fixing broken nails is not a tough job. Instead of panicking, you can follow some easy steps to fix it! Breaking a nail is not a major issue but it should be taken proper care until professional help is possible, to prevent any further damage, infection or wound.

Why Do Nails Break?

Just like our hair, nails are made up of keratin. They need to taken proper care of, without which they can become dry, brittle, weak and tend to split or break easily while doing everyday activities. Aging and some medical conditions can also cause nails to break easily.

Using nail polishes continously and using low quality nail polish removers are major causes of making the nails dry and brittle.

Also, in recent times when hand hygiene is so important, we find ourselves washing our hands frequently. Nails being very absorptive of water, tend to get soft due to pressure on delicate cells. Using harsh cleansers and hand sanitizers also contribute in weakening the nails. Here is where the following methods of fixing broken nails come into the picture.

Fixing broken nails is easy but there is definitely not a permanent solution other than cutting and trimming the nails.

Methods of Fixing Broken Nails

For fixing broken nails, one can take any of the following approaches according to convenience.

1. Fixing Broken Nails with Glue

If the nail hasn’t come off completely, using nail glue is the easiest method to keep it from catching and breaking even more, until your next manicure appointment.

  • Buff the nail surface gently, be careful not to apply pressure.
  • Put double coat of quick drying nail glue at the crack.
  • When glue has dried completely, cover the nail with transparent nail polish.

2. Fixing Broken Nails Using Tea Bag

This cheap DIY hack is the one you will most find on the internet most commonly.

  • Cut empty tea bag roughly the size of crack.
  • Put nail glue on the crack.
  • On wet glue, put the tea bag piece.
  • Cover it with more glue.

Keep putting glue on it every other day, to keep it strong until getting professional treatment.

3. Fixing Broken Nails Using Silk Wrap

If you’ve got a nail hanging at the nail bed, this is how it should be taken care of.

  • Clean the cracked area and put nail glue at it.
  • Put clear gel nail polish and while it’s wet, put a pre-cut piece of silk on it.
  • Once dried, buff and smoothen it.

It will act like a band-aid.

4. Fixing Broken Nails Using Fake Nails.

If your nail has broken off completely, beyond repair, the best way is to put fake press-on or stick-on nail, until the broken one grows back. You can use any brand of fake nail and put it after filing the broken edges of the nail.

5. Fixing Broken Nails Using Powder Fill

If you’ve got all your nail supplies, you can use this method which is more durable than others.

  • Clean the cracked area and fill in nail glue. Put nail power on it.
  • Put 3 to 4 layers like these after drying of previous ones.
  • Use a nail drying spray and finish by buffing gently.

All the above mentioned methods are not permanent solutions, but are some temporary hacks to keep you out of trouble till your next manicure session!

The best way to keep your nails from getting further damaged is to clip and trim the broken nail as well as other nails to match its length.

How to Prevent Nails from Breaking in Future

One can prevent breakage of nails by keeping them trimmed and groomed. The nails should be cut and filed in oval or rounded shape rather than the square shape which is easier to get stuck in objects and break. One should refrain from getting gel and acrylic manicure too often. Nail polish should not be applied continuously. One can also use various nail feeds, oils, creams to keep the nails healthy.


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