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Let's learn how to fly in minecraft.
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Most people who are even slightly interested in gaming have played or at least heard of Minecraft. Minecraft has been around for almost two decades now and it is still going very strong. It keeps attracting new players with their regular updates which introduce new and exciting feature and there is always something new to learn in this game, even for the veterans and professionals.

Here we are going to explain how to fly in Minecraft and what are the different ways that it can be done.

How To Fly In Minecraft Using an Elytra

This is most common way of flying in Minecraft. Elytra was introduced in the Minecraft Java Edition in the 15w41a snapshot of Java Edition 1.9 in 2015.

How To Fly In Minecraft Eltyra Equipped
Player Inventory With Elytra Equipped in 2nd Armor Slot
How To Fly In Minecraft Player Holding Rocket
Player Equipped With Elytra and Firework Rocket

Elytra are cape-like wings which is equipped by placing it in the player’s 2nd armor slot. This gives the player ability to glide around in the game. But wait! This doesn’t answer the question of how to fly in minecraft. You came here to learn how fly, not glide. That’s where Firework Rockets come in. With the help of Elytra and firework rockets, flying is possible in Survival Minecraft.

How To Use an Elytra

Let us dive into how to fly in Minecraft using Elytra.

Before starting to use Elytra for flying, we must get our hands on an Elytra. Elytra are not craftable objects in Survival Minecraft, they must be obtained. They are found only in End Ships, placed in item frames, in the End. So before you start flying around with Elytra on your back, you will have to conquer this feat of exploring the End and finding End Cities.

Once you have acquired an Elytra, you will need to craft Firework Rockets and this is the easier part. The ingredients for crafting Firework Rockets are paper and gunpowder. You can get varying flight duration with the number of gun powder used. More the number of gun powder used, more will be the flight duration (as shown below).

Craft Firework Rockets with Flight Duration 1
Craft Firework Rockets with Flight Duration 2
Craft Firework Rockets with Flight Duration 3

Do not use Firework Star while crafting Firework Rockets for flying as they deal damage to the player when used.

Now that we have Elytra and Firework Rockets, it is time to learn how to fly in Minecraft using them in survival mode.

  1. Equip Elytra in the 2nd armor slot.
  2. Hold Firework Rockets in your right hand.
  3. Double press “Space Bar” to activate the Elytra and press Right Mouse Button to fire a rocket.
  4. It might take couple of tries to get the timing right but in no time you will be flying high in the sky.
  5. Voila! You have learnt how to fly in minecraft using Elytra.

– Make sure you have empty space in front of you before flying as hitting an block while flying tends to give big damages.
– You should land gently as landing with high speed deal massive damages and might kill you.
– If you are running an older Minecraft version i.e. older than Minecraft Java Edition 1.15, you might face some difficulties in taking off with the Elytra as it wasn’t well optimized at the time.

Using Potion of Slow Falling

This is an alternate way of how to fly in Minecraft. Potion of Slow Falling reduces the effect of gravity on the player which results in the player slowly gliding in the air. This method comes very handy particularly when we want the aerial view our base or any other structure. We cannot glide slowly using an Elytra for long which makes getting that aerial view difficult. For this reason, this method is used by many professionals and veterans.

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Flying in Creative Mode

If you are new to Minecraft and don’t yet have the resources to accomplish the prerequisites of flying in survival mode i.e. Elytra/Firework Rockets/Potion of Slow Falling, rejoice because there’s a way to how to fly in minecraft for you as well.

You will have to jump into the Creative Mode of Minecraft and start exploring the world around you flying at high speed.

How to Fly In Minecraft In Creative Mode

Flying in Creative Mode is a very simple task. Following are the basic flying controls in Creative Mode:

  • Double press “Space Bar” to activate/deactivate flying.
  • Press and hold “Space Bar” to go higher up in the sky.
  • Press and hold “Left Ctrl” to descend.
  • Control the movement by using the “W,A,S,D” buttons.
  • Press “Left Shift” to toggle between fast/normal speed.

Now we know how to fly in creative minecraft but how do we get into Creative Mode? There are a couple of ways of accessing the Creative World.

Create a Brand New Creative World

You can create a new world with the game mode set to Creative Mode. This will generate a brand new world world for you where you can fly and experience all the features and goodness that the Creative Mode has to offer.

Change the existing Survival World to Creative Mode

If you don’t want to create a brand new world and want to fly around and explore your existing survival world, we have got you covered. By default, in a single player world the settings won’t allow to change the game mode of the existing survival world.

The steps to change the game mode in single player world are:

  1. Press “Esc” to access the game menu.
Minecraft game Menu
  1. Select the “Open to LAN” option in the game menu.
Minecraft lan world menu
  1. Toggle “Allow Cheats” to ON and then click on “Start LAN World”. You will see a notification with “Local game hosted on port xyz”, as shown below.
  1. Now press “/” key to open the command terminal and type “gamemode creative” as shown in the image above. Then press “Enter” key. You will receive a notification saying “Set own game mode to Creative Mode”.
  2. Voila! You have entered Creative Mode. The controls of how to fly in Minecraft (Creative Mode) is mentioned above.


We have seen the possible ways of how to fly in minecraft in both survival mode and creative mode. Flying has become a critical part of playing Minecraft. It comes very handy in exploring and traveling from one place to another particularly when playing multiplayer as there can be players who live far from your base.

Although, being an avid minecraft player, I would advice you to restrain from using Creative Mode in your Survival World as it tends to affect the gaming experience of the authentic survival minecraft in a negative way.


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