OnePlus Buds 2020 Review: A Solid Package for the Price

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  • Pros | Awesome sound quality and a pretty good mic for the price. One of the best battery life for the price
  • Cons | Design is a hit or a miss. The open ear design also provides no noise cancellation.
  • Bottom Line | With it’s sound quality, battery and quick charging, OnePlus Buds are one of the best option in this price segment provided you ears are compatible with the design and you are not looking for an option that isolates you from all the background noise.
Design – 8.5/10
Audio – 9/10
Customization – 7/10
Battery – 9/10
Value for Money – 9/10
Overall – 8.5/10

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OnePlus Buds have gained quite the reputation as the “Airpods clone”, but is it really at par with the Airpods which is considered to be the industry gold standard? Well we have been using the OnePlus buds for a month now and we are definitely in a position to review it and compare it to the like of the other truly wireless earbuds out there.


The design is indeed the stem design found on the Airpods as well but Airpods doesn’t own the stem design and I guess all wired earphones almost look the same, I guess we can apply the analogy over here. Stem designed earbuds are okay till they bring good audio and quality with them and not some cheap exact ditto knock offs of the Airpods and OnePlus Buds thankfully are not the latter ones. The touch controls are not on the stem but on the touch-capacitive panel on the back of each earbud. The simple addition of the proximity sensor plays a vital role in improving its experience which lets them auto-pause the music whenever the earbud is taken off.

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The design is an open ear type and hence lets most of the noise in, so if you are here looking for a solution that will help you drown the outside noise, this isn’t it.

The OnePlus Buds have an all plastic design and the ear-tips don’t come in different sizes and that is one of the cons of the device. It isn’t suited for every ear out there. So how do we decided if it will fit our ear canal? Well, if in the past if you have used the Airpods, JBL T205, Philips SHQ1200 series or Philips SHE3205 series, the OnePlus Buds should give you a nice fit.


The main purpose of any earphone is audio and the OnePlus Buds nail it perfectly. They don’t have an equalizer app but even without it the sound profiles are pleasant for all genres of music. The open ear design makes it lack a bit in the bass department but this can be tweaked a bit in the Android’s built in Equalizer. For the ones looking for bass, these are not meant for you. OnePlus has promised Dolby Atmos support for the OnePlus Buds in the future with an OTA update but this will be available only for the OnePlus 7 and 8 Series.

During phone calls, the mic functions pretty well. The person on the other side can’t differ whether we are speaking on the phone microphone or the earbud’s microphone.

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OnePlus Buds also have a feature called the Environment Noise Cancellation which as the name suggests, reduces the background noise but don’t expect it to be quite extraordinary. The difference is negligible but even so, the sound quality hear on the other end is slightly better than using the regular phone mic.


The OnePlus Buds each come with a touch-capacitive panel on the back but the controls are a bit different on this one, unlike the ones as seen on other standard wireless earbuds. There is no provision of single tap touch control on the OnePlus Buds. There are only two tap touch controls which you can configure for each earbud separately. The OTA update for receiving the gesture control is out only for the OnePlus devices exclusively. For people with a non-OnePlus device, you can make gesture changes on any OnePlus device and it stays saved on the OnePlus Buds itself.

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OnePlus Buds also come equipped with smart-switching of the device. This is triggered by a long press of three seconds on any side of the earbud and the OnePlus Buds switches between devices instantly.

It also has proximity sensors which auto-pauses or auto-plays music when you remove the earbuds from your ear or put it back in. And for people who want to use one Earbud separately, yes you can do that with it.


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The battery life of the OnePlus Buds is one of the best in the game. On a single charge the OnePlus Buds can last for 7 hours and the case provides an additional 23 hours of charge – A total of 30 hours! And the Warp Charge support is the icing on the cake. With just 10 mins of charge, the buds can last for 10 hours of music playback.


Given the price of the OnePlus Buds, one couldn’t ask for more but there is one major flaw which will be a deal-breaker for some people. The flaw is in the design itself – If it fits your ears, then the experience is quite astounding but if it doesn’t fit, the performance will fell amiss. And with the open ear design, noise isolation is absolutely zero and if you are looking for something that will drown out the background noise, the OnePlus Buds are not meant for you.


Overall, the OnePlus Buds provide a solid package for the price it comes in. If you are someone looking for a cheap wireless earbud in this price range, it is the best option you can buy provided the fit is meant for you and you are okay with almost no noise-isolation and less bass. If you are someone looking for bass and passive noise-cancellation, the OnePlus Buds aren’t meant for you.

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