Panic Attacks : An Insight and How to Deal with Them

How to Deal with Panic Attacks at Night

Have you ever heard anything about panic attack? It is a disorder that is most usually caused due to excessive stress! Of the population that suffer from these attacks, it has been seen that almost 50% of the population also suffer from panic attacks during night time as well. But the events that lead up to it in the night would have unfolded during the daytime.

It has been reported that sleep panic attacks actually have a connection with non-REM sleep, which means that they don’t happen consequent to nightmares. Those that experience nocturnal panic attacks are also prone to insomnia and restless sleep.

Though the exact reasons for the cause of nocturnal attacks isn’t known, some of the possible reasons are an increase in the levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) or even the changes in the Parasympathetic system.

Patients that experience panic attacks in the night can do certain things to avoid them. A healthy lifestyle can help you to overcome it. When you have a positive attitude in life, you will be able to overcome the attacks and not the other way round. Be confident and give an end to the trouble.

Can Panic Attacks Be Triggered?

When a panic attack comes, people may feel as if they are going to die. Many a times it can feel just like heart attacks. During this time, a person will be short of breath and will clutch their chest. Sometimes they can also feel extremely light headed in the sense that they can feel the objects and the room spinning around them.

These episodes of panic attacks are really short in duration. Usually after the cause of the panic has gone away, it too will melt away. Those that suffer from these attacks will actually hide away from the rest of the world. At times, even worrying about getting a panic attack is enough to get one.

Stress is one of the major factors that can cause panic attacks. You would need to be consciously aware of the fact that they can be caused by stress on a regular basis. All of us encounter stress sometimes in our lives. But if you are stressed out for a day and are feeling fatigue, this doesn’t mean that you will get an attack. Rather prolonged exposure to stress without any means of letting go can trigger it.

Are Panic Attacks And Menopause Related?

Panic disorder has become quite usual among several individuals, but have you ever considered what the reason is? For most people that suffer from panic attacks, the reason is a chemical imbalance in their bodies. When women are due for their periods or are menopausal, there is serious chemical imbalance in their bodies.

In these cases, certain situations can be created that are conducive to panic attack. Women can feel irritable during this time that can give rise to panic attacks and anxiety disorders. During the menopause phase, stress management, control of emotions and chemical balance is at its lowest. All of these factors can give rise to growing episodes of these attacks.

Panic Attack Image

Usually medicines aren’t required during menopause to treat the problem of panic attacks. Breathing techniques that use the muscles of chest, neck and shoulders should be used. This also relaxes the mind and the body and thus helps to get relieved from the panic disorder.

During the menopausal phase, it’s important that you seek professional advice. If you have experienced a panic attack, seek the help of your gynaecologist, who will help you to tackle them. Don’t think that your first panic attack would be your last one.

Do Children Experience Panic Attacks?

When a child or a teenager experiences panic attacks, it can be quite a frightening experience for the child as well as the parents. Since children deal with panic and anxiety in a different way than adults do, it’s important for parents to understand the symptoms and take measures to correct the disorder. There are several types of panic disorders that children can face.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

In this case, a patient worries excessively about events, occurrences or conversations. It can be about be about the past, present and the future. Children can spend a long time in worrying about such matters. It’s important for parents to tackle the children’s disorders through relaxation techniques and therapy if possible.

Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

When children think that they are going to be separated from their family, friends, loved ones and prized possessions especially in cases of divorces, relocating to another place and for other reasons, they may develop SAD and have panic attacks.

It happens especially when young children think that their caregiver (in cases mothers or nannies) is going to be separated from them. In such cases, children are taught through role-playing and other therapeutic ways that no harm is going to come to them when they are separated.

Controlling the Panic Attack Symptoms

Those that have had panic attacks know what terror can be but you aren’t alone. The specific reasons for panic attacks can be many. But there are also ways to control the them.

The first thing that is very obvious is that your body would need is “relaxation”. The main point here is that the anxiety levels have to really come down for the panic attack to stop. Usually when the reason for the panic attack is removed, the attack will wither away.

Doctors can also prescribe you a number of drugs and medicines that can be taken, once you feel that an attack is coming. They will help you to relax. Therapy may or may not be suitable for you. A doctor can only judge this. Cognitive behavior therapy can also be used for treating those that are prone to panic attacks. Many other techniques such as breathing and relaxation techniques, visualization can also be used for those that suffer from it. On consulting a therapist, the patient will be advised for the right method of treatment. Try it regularly, and get better cure soon.

Avoiding Situations and Causes for Your Panic Attacks

There are always certain situations and causes that can trigger off the panic attacks that you may be facing. Although stress is a major factor, certain specific situations can also trigger off these attacks. It’s important to know whether there are certain situations that can be causing this problem. This can help you to tackle these attacks that you may be facing.

There are certain specific situations, when you know that you can get panic attacks. For example, if you get an attack every time you have to cross the bridge while going to your workplace, then take another route. Many men get panic attacks when their in-laws are due to visit them or many such reasons. For example, if you are stressed about crossing the bridge, take another route to your workplace that omits the bridge.

If you are exposed to this hindering difficulty, then make sure you check with a doctor immediately. Doctors and especially therapists who are trained with dealing people that have panic attacks can also help you. They can give you medicines, offer alternative therapy and even teach you mind tricks to divert your attention. Whereby you won’t get stressed out, making it impossible for you to get the attacks.

Don’t Hide from the World When You Experience These Attacks

Panic attacks can be almost akin to heart attacks, but they aren’t. Rather, it’s important that you tell the world. They are caused when you are exposed to stress for very long periods of time. When stress becomes excessive, our bodies are unable to deal with it. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can deal with stress, but our bodies slowly start to show symptoms that it’s unable to handle the longer episodes of stress.

When our bodies rebel and produce a reaction, it’s the time that we experience the panic attacks. Now if you think that you are susceptible these attacks, then you should tell your family and friends. Many people will simply break all family and other interpersonal relationships as they become scared of what others may think or say.

This is rather the most crucial time, when you should seek help from family and friends to counter the problem. Also seek the help of the professional people that can help you to deal and counter the panic attacks. Medical advisors can guide you better to get relieved from this problem. As well, right medication and regular examination can help you to get better cure!

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