As a user of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, I have recently noticed that my watch seems to be frequently overheating. T

his has been a concern for me, as I rely on my watch for various tasks and functions throughout the day, and I don’t want it to malfunction or become damaged due to overheating. 

Fortunately, I have researched a few possible solutions that may help fix your watch 4. I will share these solutions with you in this article and hopefully help you get your Galaxy Watch 4 back to functioning properly.

Let’s get started!

Why Does Your Galaxy Watch 4 Overheating

Here are the possible reasons for your Galaxy Watch 4 overheating issues. However, before going deeper, you have to take a quick look at its possible reasons. 

  1. Low cellular signals 
  2. Unnecessary or sideloaded apps 
  3. Software bugs, install the latest software update. 
  4. Protective cases stop exhausting. 
  5. Incomplete installed & running in background applications 

Cellular Signals 

While using the Galaxy Watch 4 LTE to make calls over the mobile network, we noticed that the watch experienced a significant increase in temperature when it was in areas with weaker reception. 

This issue also occurred when the watch was connected to mobile data. The watch was not paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth during our testing. 

This overheating issue seems to be more prevalent in areas with lower reception or when using mobile data rather than when connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

As a smartphone, the Galaxy Watch 4 LTE also uses extra energy and power to improve its reception strength in weak signals. 

This increases the power consumption and causes the watch to heat up and also drain its battery faster. 

The compact size of the Watch 4 makes it difficult for it to dissipate heat quickly, leading to overheating issues.

Software Update

Sometimes this issue occurs while the watch software is in sustained work. Such as when the watch software updates over WiFi or directly LTE without connecting the watch via Bluetooth to your phone. 

Although installing or updating the apps can actually cause this issue in a few cases. On the other hand, it might be a software error or bug.  

And Samsung should pay attention to fixing this bug. Address Samsung customer support with this issue, and they will release the latest update with the issue fixed. 

Sideloaded & Unnecessary Apps

Another reason can be installing or using unsupported apps on your Watch 4. That leads your watch to get overheated. 

Although installing mobile APKs on your Galaxy watch, such as WhatsApp, and Google Assistant Go, can be helpful for you but are not optimized for using the Watch 4 processor. 

So, using these kinds of apps on your Galaxy watch will cause an increase in your watch temperature. 

As with mobile phones, your Watch 4 comes with pre-installed apps, and few of them we don’t need. So these apps can cause the watch to overheat. 

Background Updates

Apps running in the background will be the reason for Watch 4 the overheating issue; they continually utilize your watch sensors, antennas, and processor. 

Background app updates or installation also increases WiFi or cellular connection use. So, all these apps cause excessive use of Watch 4 components and cause overheating.

Get in Touch With Heat  

If the watch is placed closer to the heat exposure, it is common to get the watch to overheat. And the other reason will be while using the watch in extremely hot weather and the direct sunlight can overheat the watch. 

How to Fix Watch 4 Overheating Issue

These are the possible solutions that will fix your Watch 4 overheating problem. 

Move to Area With Better Signals 

When using the watch in areas with no better signals, you should move to the other areas with good Cellular or internet signals. 

Because the watch consumes a lot of power to get better signals and causes overheating. Before making calls or using the Internet over the watch, ensure three signal bars are in your Watch 4.

And then, check the watch to verify if the overheating issue is fixed. If the issue still persists, you should read the further following steps. 

Remove Protection Case

Another possible solution is removing the protection cases from the watch. However, the protection case is a good choice for protecting the watch from dents and scrapes. 

Although these cases prevent your watch from losing heat in its surroundings. So, removing these cases is the solution, especially while you are receiving calls or using the Internet. 

Connect Watch to Phone

If the watch is disconnected from the phone, there is a chance of the watch overheating. The connection loss can be checked by a small icon at the top of your Watch’s screen. 

So, when your watch disconnects from the smartphone, it will be forced to utilize the Internet or mobile data, causing it to quickly warm the watch up if any update starts running in the background. 

Update Software

If your Watch 4 is running on an outdated software version, that can cause the watch to malfunction. You should check to ensure the watch software is up to date. 

However, outdated software will be the main reason for overheating the watch. To fix this software bug, you should instantly install the latest version.

  1. Ensure the watch is connected to WiFi or the Internet 
  2. Its battery is at least charged at 30% 
  3. And then open the watch settings. 
  4. Scroll down and tap the Software Update option 
  5. After clicking the update button, an update checker will run, and in a few seconds, it will show you the latest update if available. 
  6. It will automatically start downloading the update; if it doesn’t start automatically, you can tap on the update button. 
  7. Once the update is downloaded, the option Install Now will appear on the screen. 
  8.  It will take a few minutes to be installed; once the update is installed, your watch is automatically rebooted. 

Software Bug

If installing the latest software update for your Galaxy Watch 4 isn’t fixed, the overheating issue may be due to a software glitch or bugs. 

Addressing Samsung customer support might help to fix the error. Samsung will try to fix this issue in the latest software update. 

Until Samsung presents the solution or provides the error-free software version, you can try the following steps to ensure the watch remains cool. 

Turn Airplane Mode ON

When the watch overheats, turning the airplane mode on can cool down the watch quickly until you can try other troubleshooting steps. 

To turn the airplane mode, you can swipe down from the watch screen to access the quick settings menu. And then, swipe left until you see the airplane mode icon, and click this. 

Uninstall Sideloaded or Unnecessary Apps

Applications that are not suitable for your Galaxy Watch 4 or the apps you don’t need to use on Watch 4 will be the reason for the overheating. 

Uninstalling these apps will be the possible solution. Remove all applications that do not mean wearing OS devices from your smartwatch. 

Open the watch settings, tap apps> tap the trash icon and then tap the app that you want to remove> in the end, tap Uninstall. 

Change Mobile Plane

If the carrier plane which you have currently connected to your Watch 4 LTE has poor reception in the area where you are using it, consider switching it. 

This is an important step when you use a watch without a smartphone. However, changing the mobile data can be found on Samsung’s website. 

Enable Power Save Mode 

When you suspect the watch is overheated, you should enable the power saving mode on the watch. The power save mode will be displayed in the grayscale and disable all the features instead of the message, calls, Bluetooth, and WiFi notifications. 

However, the data will also be disabled, and performance will the recstatic. In this way, your watch will quickly cool down. 

  1. Swipe down the screen to open the quick panel. 
  2. Swipe left until you see the power-saving icon
  3. Tap on this icon, and the watch will be entered into the power-saving mode
  4. You can similarly disable this mode. 

Close Apps Running in Background

Close all the apps running in the background, which causes the watch to overheat. 

  1. Press the home button to open the app’s screen.
  2. Tap the recent apps screen (it might require swiping left or right to the page)
  3. Here swipe left or right to see all recently opened apps
  4. And then swipe up the app which you want to close 
  5. However, you can tap close all options to close all recently opened apps.

 Keep Away from Heat Exposure

Keeping your Galaxy Watch 4 closer to extreme heat or cold temperatures can directly affect the watch temperature.

If the watch is placed closer to any heated object or used in direct sunlight, it will cause an increase in your watch’s temperature.

So, you should avoid your watch from using in extremely hot weather or in front of direct sunlight, which prevents the watch from overheating. 

Disable Automatic Update 

Automatic updates on your Watch 4 can contribute to the watch overheating issue. So, if you have set apps on automatic updates, disable them instantly. 

To turn on the automatic update, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the watch settings 
  2. And then tap watch software update 
  3. Then turn the automatic updates toggle OFF. 
  4. And then come back to the setting again 
  5. Then click the Account and Backup option 
  6. Similarly, turn it also off
  7. These steps might be possible through the Galaxy Wearable app. 

Reset Watch 

If none of the above solutions has fixed your Galaxy watch 4 overheating issue, you should try the resetting method. After resetting, your watch will return to its factory default settings. 

Resetting will remove all errors and software bugs that might be the reason behind the watch temperature increase. 

Before resetting, you have to ensure you have backup all your essential data. Because after resetting the watch, you will not be able to access this data. 

Go to the watch settings> Account and Backup> and tap Backup data.

Follow the below steps to reset the watch:

  1. Press and hold both buttons on the side of your watch until the Samsung logo appears
  2. When the Samsung logo appears, press several times the power button until the menu screen appears 
  3. And then press the power button to scroll down to the recovery option 
  4. Press and hold the power button to select the recovery option and let the button go once another menu appears. 
  5. And then press the down button to select the Wipe data/ Factory Reset option 
  6. Tap the power button to select it 
  7. And then a message will appear; select the Factory data reset (you can tap cancel if you do not want to reset)
  8. Pressing the power button will start the process and will take about 2 to 3 minutes.

For a detailed process, you can watch the below video:

Why Does Galaxy Watch 4 Overheat While Charging?

 If the Watch 4 is not charging after being plugged in for about 2 hours, it might overheat. When the watch overheats, the charging will be stopped automatically to prevent damage. 

Here are a few causes to heat up your Galaxy watch while charging, improperly plugged into the charger, a wireless charger, a power circuit issue, hot weather, or being placed closer to the heated object. 

Here are a few possible solutions that you can try to fix the Watch 4 overheating issue while charging: 

  1. Ensure the center of the watch is aligned with pins or if you use a flat charging dock, align the watch with it. 
  2. Turn the Airplane mode ON to prevent the watch from overheating, and it will cause it to cool down quickly. And this will stop the watch from trying to get better WiFi signals. 
  3. Ensure to use the original charging dock with Watch 4; avoid the wireless charging pad or sharing power from a smartphone. 
  4. Use another power source; this power source might be faulty and cause the watch to overheat. 
  5. Avoid updating the software or apps on your Watch 4 while plugged into the charger. 
  6. Lastly, if you are in an area where the temperature is too extreme, try to charge it in a cool place. 

Contact Customer Support 

If trying all the above solutions does not fix the watch overheating, now it’s time to reach out to Samsung customer support. And inform them in detail about the issue, they will be able for further assistance. This issue can be due to the software or hardware, which only Samsung can fix. 

Ask For Replacement

If no solution is available to fix the watch, you can ask the manufacturer for its replacement. If the watch is still under warranty and eligible, you will get back a new one without any cost. You can visit their official store to verify the replacement details and process. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the Galaxy Watch 4, like any other electronic device, can potentially overheat if it is used improperly or has an issue with its hardware.

If you are experiencing overheating with your Galaxy Watch 4, it is important to try and identify the cause and take the appropriate steps to address it.

This may include ensuring that the watch is not being used in extreme temperatures, ensuring that it is charged correctly, and checking for any updates or repairs that may be needed. 

If the overheating persists or you cannot identify the cause, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a Samsung support center or a qualified technician.

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