Garmin Fenix Not Charging

It is frustrating if your smartwatch is not charging. Today we are going to discuss the Garmin smartwatch charging issue. 

If you are facing an issue with your Garmin Fenix, it is not charging. You should not worry about this problem. Because I am going to share a solution that can help to fix it. 

Let’s get started!

Garmin Fenix Not Charging (11 Ways to Fix)

How to Fix Garmin Fenix Is Not Charging?

These are the methods that you should try. 

Quick Fixes 

  • Keep plugged on the charger for at least 30 minutes without interference 
  • Clean charging port and pins 
  • Check and fix your power source 
  • Use another USB socket 
  • Restart your Garmin Fenix and update its software 
  • Perform a factory restart 
  • Reattach charging and cable plug it properly 

Plug Without Interfere 

Before doing anything you should plug your Garmin Fenix on charging for at least 30 minutes without interference. 

Garmin Fenix Not Charging Plug Without Interfere 

It is because if you have not used your Fenix for several months. And after several months, you are trying to charge it. Its battery can be dead or completely drained. 

Plugging in at least 30 minutes will fix this problem. And also, if your watch was completely shut off due to low battery for this case, you can try this method. 

Clean Debris 

You should ensure that your Fenix is clean from the backside. Because there can be debris on the charging port of your watch. 

And also, check the charging cable that its pins are entirely clean. If dirt and debris are accumulated, they make a hindrance to passing through the electricity. 

Garmin Fenix Not Charging clean debris

And that is why you should clean it instantly and then try to charge your Garmin device. You should follow the steps below to clean it:

  • You should take warm water and rubbing alcohol 
  • And you can use a toothbrush or cotton swab
  • Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and gently rub it on charging points
  • Ensure you are not using hard or metallic stuff that can damage the charging contacts
  • After cleaning, dry it with a tissue or clean cloth 

Note: don’t plug it on charging if your watch is wet.

Check Power Source 

You should check your power source because it can have issues. It can not provide current or maybe giving current that is not enough for your Fenix watch.

Garmin Fenix Not Charging check power source

If your power source has faults, it is the reason that is why your Garmin Fenix is not charging. You should fix it immediately, or you can plug it into another power source. You can use several options, e.g., wall socket, computer and power bank. 

Change USB Port 

If your Garmin Fenix is still not charging, you should ensure your USB socket or port is working correctly. 

Sometimes the USB port can have a fault, and that’s why your Fenix is not charging. You should plug your watch into a new port. Make sure it is charging there; if it is charging with a new USB port, it means you are facing a charging port issue. 

Garmin Fenix Not Charging change usb port

If you are using a wall adapter, you should use a 2A Garmin-certified wall adapter to charge your watch. You can also use another 2A adapter that is compatible with it. 

Check USB Cable 

You have to ensure that your charging cable does not have a fault. Because it can be faulty sometimes and can cause the current form to pass through. 

If your charging cable is faulty, you should immediately change it. And use another compatible charging cable if you have one. 

Garmin Fenix Not Charging check usb cable

You can also buy a new charging cable or replace it. You should also contact Garmin customer support to ask about its replacement.

Restart Fenix 

If your Garmin Fenix is not fixed after several methods. You should look at its software issue. You can fix it by restarting your device. 

Because if your Fenix device has software glitches it can be the reason your watch is not charging. Restarting a device is also helpful if your device is slowing down or crashing apps. 

You should follow the steps below to restart Fenix. 

  • Press and hold the light or power button 
  • Tap on Yes to restart the confirmation message 
  • While it is completely powered off, press the light button again to turn it back on 

You can also watch this video to force restart your Garmin Fenix. 

Update Software 

You should also check your Fenix software and ensure you have updated it to the latest version. If running on outdated software, you can face several issues, e.g., connection issues, battery draining, and not charging.

You should update your Fenix instantly, and you can follow the steps below to do this:

  • Go to the settings
  • Tap on the start/stop> and then on System 
  • Select Software update 
  • If there is a new update available, you will see it here 
  • Tap on Instal now> and then on Yes 

You should also watch this video for a firmware update:

Factory Reset 

Another important factor is why your Garmin Fenix is not charging. Your Fenix has glitches that cause it to stop your watch from charging. 

You should perform a factory reset to remove these glitches. Factory reset is also helpful if your watch is frozen, has connection issues, or has battery issues. 

Garmin Fenix Not Charging fatory reset

Note: you should ensure you have backup your Fenix data before performing a factory reset. Because it will wipe all of your data and activities. 

You should follow the steps below to do this: 

  • Turn off your watch by pressing the light button 
  • Then press and hold the Light and Back/Lap buttons together 
  • Select yes from the clear user data message 
  • Press the red button from the top right 
  • The Garmin logo will appear on the screen 

Your Fenix is now completely restarted. You can watch this video to try the other methods to factory reset your Garmin Fenix device. 

Reattach Charging Cable 

You should ensure you have plugged it correctly, and if it is not correctly plugged. You should unplug it and then plug it in correctly on charging. 

Garmin Fenix Not Charging reattach cables

Leave it for about 30 minutes, then check if it is charged. 

Remove Protective strip 

If you have bought a new Garmin Fenix, you should ensure you have removed the protective strip from the backside of your watch. 

It can be a hindrance to charging your Fenix and it stops electricity from passing through. You should remove it and then plug your Garmin device on charging. 

Hardware Issue 

If your Garmin Fenix is still not charging while you have tried all the above methods. It means that your watch has a hardware issue. 

Garmin Fenix Not Charging customer support Hardware Issue 

You should look for an expert to help fix your Garmin Fenix smartwatch. And also, you should contact Garmin customer support if you want to replace it and know about its warranty. 

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