Halo Band Is Not Charging

Halo bands are such fantastic fitness trackers and are owned by Amazon. The water resistance enables you to dive 50 metres deep into the water while wearing it on your wrist. Several people are reporting about the Halo band not charging.

You probably face this problem, but don’t worry; I am here to help fix your Halo. Let’s take a quick look at the possible reasons. 

While the Halo band does not charge, you might not connect it correctly; the protective strip from its back needs to be removed for the new band. Ensure the charging contacts are aligned, and the power source is not defective. Always use the original USB charger with your Halo. 

How to Fix Halo Band Is Not Charging? 

These are the solutions that you should try first to fix your Halo. 

Charge Ultimately

To begin with, the simple but essential solution; if the band is new or has not been used for several months, it needs to be fully charged. New bands do not come with a charged battery to protect battery life. 

In these conditions, you should plug in the band for about 2 hours or until the battery is fully charged. Insert one side of the charging cradle into the USB outlet or wall adapter, and from the other side of the charger, align the silver charging pins with the watch charging port. 

Once the band is securely plugged into the charger, a red LED light illuminates continually, turning green when fully charged. 

Clean Charging Contacts 

The prolonged use of any device may cause accumulating dirt on particular parts, such as the charging port. So, you should verify your Halo band to ensure its charging port is not dirt; the dirt layer will block the electricity from passing through. 

halo band not charging
  1. Remove dirt using a clean toothbrush 
  2. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol 
  3. Drop one drop on a cotton swab and rub it gently 
  4. Don’t use abrasive material that can cause damage to the charging pins. 

You should use a dust protection cover on the charging port of your Halo band. Ensure cleaning of your wrist to avoid dirt accumulating in the band’s charging port. 

Check Charger 

You should always use the original charger that was supplied with the band. If you are using other local cables, they can cause the charging to stop. On the other hand, the original charging cable might be damaged, and that’s why not providing electricity. 

halo band not charging

So, you should verify your charger by plugging it into another device that you know is working correctly. If the new device is not charging, too, the cable is faulty and needs to be replaced. 

You should contact the manufacturer’s replacement if the device is under any warranty. However, you can buy the original Halo band USB charger from a nearby electronic store or Amazon. 

Change Power Source

Power sources can be another reason for your Halo band not charging. If the power source is faulty or supplies a low-voltage current, you will face this issue. On the other hand, your wall adapter will be defective; you should fix it. 

halo band not charging

So, unplug the band and plug it into a power source that you know provides electricity properly. A red LED will illuminate your Halo band when the band is plugged securely into the charger. 

And this indicates the band is charging; when it turns green, it will ultimately be charged. Once the green indicator lights on the band, you should unplug it from the charger to protect against any battery damage or overcharging. 

If the process does not help, you should also use another wall adapter. And insert it into a wall outlet and verify if it is charging. 

Remove Protective Plastic 

With most of the new Halo bands, this is a common issue if you have not removed the protective plastic from the back of your Halo band and the charging contacts. It can be interference between your Halo band and charger. 

Once you remove this plastic strip, align the charging cradle with the contact on the band and gently press it down. Plug it in for at least 2 hours and allow it to fully charge. 

Unplug from Computer

If you have plugged it into the computer’s or laptop’s USB charging ports, you should remove it and plug it into the wall outlet. The computer’s USB ports might be damaged or provide a low current. 

And the laptop’s battery will be low, so the band is not charging. However, if the computer or laptop is in sleep mode, it stops providing outputs through the USB ports. 

Re Plug Band 

Remove and reins the charger into the band to verify the charging contacts are correctly aligned. So, unplug the band from the charger and remove the other end of the charger from the USB outlet or adapter. 

And then, insert the charger into the wall outlet or adapter correctly. Hold the second end of the cable, which has a charging cradle and align it with the contacts. Lightly press down on the clips after aligning the contacts. 

Remove Water From Band

Water or sweat on the band’s charging contacts can interfere with the charging and stop the electricity from passing through. So, you should wipe all kinds of water or sweat from the band with the help of a soft towel. 

Before plugging into it, you should ensure the band is free of sweat, water or liquids. And clean the charging contacts regularly, especially when the band is exposed to saltwater. 

Once you have cleaned, let the band under a clear sky and allow the remaining water or liquids to evaporate. And then plug it into the charger thoroughly. 

Contact Manufacturer 

I have addressed all the possible solutions above; if the issue persists, you should contact Halo customer support. They will assist you in finding a possible solution. If the band is under warranty, you will get it repaired or replaced. 

However, if the charging cable or clips seem to be damaged, stop using them and replace or repair them. If the device is dropped or damaged, it must be repaired instantly. 

You can visit the nearest electronic repair shop too. Although if you do not have another way to fix it, consider buying a new one. 

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