Huawei Watch Not Charging

If you are facing an issue with your Huawei watch, it is not charging. It’s very frustrating when you have tried all the solutions, and it still does not start charging. 

I can feel this pain because my Huawei watch has also not been charging for the last few days. And then I researched on the internet and fixed my watch. So, you should not be worried. Let’s get started on how to fix it! 

How to Fix your Huawei Watch Is Not Charging 

These are the possible solutions that you should try first: 

Quick Fixes 

  • Unplug and replug it correctly into the charger 
  • Ensure the charging port on the back of the watch and the charging pins on the charging cradle are clean 
  • Check the power cable to replace a faulty if it is faulty 
  • Plug it into the power socket instead of the laptop USB port 
  • Check your power source; use another if it is faulty 
  • If the watch is overheated, let the temperature drop to the normal 
  • Restart your Huawei watch & update the software if the latest software version is available 
  • Perform factory reset 

Plug Correctly 

The most common reason is when your Huawei watch is not charging, the watch might not plug in correctly. You should check the charging pins on the charging cable are aligned and connected to the charging port on the rear side of your watch. 

You have to unplug the watch from charging and replug it into the charger. If you have a charging Dock, take the watch closer to the charging dock, align the charging pins with the charging port and press gently into it. 

If you are using a direct power cable, you should plug the cable into a power source. And take it closer to the back of your watch, align chagrin pins with the port and press it into the charging port of your watch. 

Check it to make sure the watch is securely contacted, and it is changing. 

Clean Debris 

There are possibilities that dirt is accumulated in the charging port and charging pins. If a tiny layer of dirt is on the pins or charging port, it stops the electricity from passing through. You should check your watch from the backside; if dirt accumulates in the charging port, you must remove it. 

You can clean dirt by following the steps below:

  1. Use a cotton cloth and rub it gently on the charging port 
  2. You can also use a soft brush to remove the dirt 
  3. You should use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to remove debris 
  4. Pour 3 to 4 drops on the cotton swab and rub it into the charging port 
  5. Ensure the dirt is completely removed from the charging pins and port 

Before plugging the watch into a power source, ensure the charging pins or watch is dry and moisture-free. 

Fix Power Cable 

It might have gotten faulty if you have ever plugged your power cable into a high-voltage source. Electricity cannot pass through the faulty cable or might provide a low current that is insufficient to charge the watch. 

You should check your power cable. It might be faulty, and that’s why your Huawei watch is not charging. If you think the cable is defective, you should use another compatible one. And always ensure you are using the original Huawei charging cable. 

If you want to check the cable, you can try to charge another device with this cable. If a new device is also not charging, your power cable is faulty. 

Use Wall Socket Instead of the Laptop 

If you have plugged your watch into your laptop’s USB port, you should use a power socket instead. Because the laptop’s battery can not be completely charged or the USB port is not providing enough output to charge the watch. 

Check Power Source 

You should check the power source to ensure it is providing electricity. Sometimes your wall socket can be defective, which is why your Huawei watch is not charging. Another thing that you should check is that if you have a circuit breaker, ensure it is not turned off. 

If the circuit breaker is providing power, the watch is still not charging. However, it might be the wall socket issue. You should charge the watch into a new source and ensure it is charging. 

If the watch is not charging until plugged into a new source, you should follow the below steps. 

Check Temperature 

If the watch is in direct sunlight, your Huawei watch can overheat. So, you should check if the watch is overheated because it might stop charging. If it is overheated, you should unplug from the charger, take it away from the heated area and put it in a well-ventilated area.

When the temperature drops down, you should plug it again into the charger and check if it is now charging. The suitable temperature to charge your wearable is 20℃~35℃.

Restart & Check for an Update 

Software glitches can cause the charging on your Huawei watch. You should ensure the device is cleaned and caches are not stored on it. The simple solution for the software glitches is to restart your watch and update its software. 

Restarting your watch will help you to remove glitches and caches from your watch. And if the watch software is not updated, an un-updated version can cause these glitches. 


  1. Press and hold the up button
  2. And tap on Restart 
  3. OR go to the Settings 
  4. Then tap on System> Restart> and Restart 

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Update Software 

  1. Connect your watch to the Huawei health app 
  2. Then enter the device details screen on the watch 
  3. Tap on the Firmware Updates 
  4. And then select Check for updates> follow the on-screen instruction to check and install the latest update 

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Perform Reset 

If the software glitch is not removed from your Huawei and it is not charging, you should perform a reset on it. Factory reset will be a possible solution to remove these glitches. You can reset your watch in this situation if it is slowing down, insufficient storage and other software issues. 

You can reset your Huawei watch by following the steps below: 

  1. Open Settings on your watch 
  2. Then select System> and tap Reset or Settings 
  3. And select System & Update 
  4. And then tap Reset 

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Watch Issue 

After all, you have tried every possible solution, and still, your watch is not charging. It might be a hardware issue why your Huawei watch is not charging. There are several methods to fix hardware problems. 

You can go to the nearest electric repair shop and get your Huawei watch fixed. And the second method is to check if the watch is under warranty; you can ask the manufacturer for a replacement or repair. 

If there are no possibilities for its fixation, you should consider buying a new high-quality watch. 

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