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Minecraft Compass is an item which can be used to navigate in the overworld. It has a red pin which always points towards the spawn point regardless if the player is holding it in their hands, place it in their inventory or an item frame. However, it doesn’t work in the Nether and The End, and points in random direction out there.

There are multiple ways of obtaining Minecraft Compass. They can be crafted using iron ingots and redstone dust. Compass are also found as natural generations in Shipwrecks, Stronghold and Cartographer’s chest in villages. They can also be traded with a cartographer for Emeralds.

How to Obtain Minecraft Compass

Let us look into the different ways in which we can obtain Minecraft Compass.


Minecraft Compass Crafting

Crafting a Minecraft compass is very simple and easy. It requires four iron ingots and one redstone dust. Place them in a crafting table as shown in the image and that is it. You have now successfully crafted a compass!

Natural Generation

Minecraft Compass Natural Generation

Minecraft compass can also be found as natural generations in the overworld. The probability of them spawning naturally varies and only one compass will spawn at a given location.


Minecraft Compass can also be traded with Cartographers to get emeralds. You will be able to trade with a villager of Journeyman level or higher.

Minecraft Compass Trading


Compass is primarily used to craft maps. The crafting recipe of an empty map involves one compass and eight pieces of paper. They are to be placed in the crafting table as shown in the image.

Minecraft Compass Map

Maps are used extensively in Minecraft. The main use of maps is to navigate in the overworld. It area that is visible on the map can be varied by changing the zoom level. It can also be used to mark landmarks and as it also shows the position of the player on the map, navigating through the world gets a bit easier.

Maps are also used as a decorative item by many players. Many maps can be placed accordingly to show the aerial view of a large area of the world. The area that can be covered is practically infinite and the bottleneck will the area available and item frames.

Players also create art using maps but this tends to be tedious and time taking. However, what this allows is to get away from the blocky shapes in minecraft and allows players to create art of different shapes.

Minecraft Maps Art
credits: Vintagebeef