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Mending is an enchantment in Minecraft which allows to restore durability of various objects using experience points. Minecraft mending enchantment is one of the most used enchantment in the game.

Obtaining Minecraft Mending Enchantment Book

Mending book cannot be crafted and it has to be obtained from one of the various source. Minecraft mending enchantment books can be obtained by fishing, raids, chest loots and villager trading.


One of the easiest ways obtain a mending book is by finding a villager that trades them for emeralds. Once you have found a villager who trades mending books, they can be used infinite number of times. This can be considered as an infinite mending book source as the trading can get as cheap as 1 emerald per mending book.

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librarian offering enchanted books trade


Another way to obtain Minecraft mending enchantment book is by fishing. Fishing them manually can get tiresome as there is only 0.8% chance of getting an enchanted book while fishing. The easier way to do this is by making an automated AFK fishing farm.

minecraft mending enchantment


It is possible to obtain mending books from raids but you will need a farm for it, very much like in the fishing method. There is a 2/39 chance of obtaining an enchanted book, which is very low. You can follow the tutorial on how to build a simple raid farm below.

minecraft mending enchantment


Once you have got your hands on mending books let’s dive into how to use the minecraft mending enchantment. First, you will need to enchant the objects you want mending on using an anvil and it requires 2 experience points.

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When a damaged object is placed on the primary or secondary hand, or if there is damaged armour in the armour slot then the collected XP will be used to repair the damaged objects instead of adding to the players experience level.

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objects that can be enchanted with mending

If there are multiple mending enchanted damaged items in the players inventory then an object will randomly start getting repaired when XP is collected. There is no priority list and the player gains no experience points.


Mending and Infinity cannot be enchanted on the same object in survival minecraft.